Hi! I’ve decided to start a different blog for traveling, even though my traveling is unfortunately, very intermittent. My previous blog, featuring bits and pieces of my travels/life from 2007-2009 (I think) can be viewed here. I find it’s rather difficult to write there for whatever reason and so I’ve changed to this particular site.

This probably has to do with major changes in my life that have happened in the past couple of years and I needed to move on to something different. For people who know me they will know that I am full of wanderlust and it is my biggest dream to visit every country in the world (that is in existence at the time I die). For some travels around Sydney, New Zealand and Dubai please see the link above.

Currently I’m spending a year traveling around the world. The original plan is Former USSR (but not Russia), Former Yugoslavia, Spain, North Africa, Middle East, Turkey and SouthEast Asia, but that may change. Regardless, I am off to conquer the world!