The reference to shadows is an important concept to me. Kids may recognise the term “shadow travelling” from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is essentially a form of transportation for the Gods. It says that they disappear into the shadows and transport to a different location, but something unknown happens within the shadows between locations. We never find out what does happen within the shadows.

Moving on from children’s books we find ourselves faced with the Greek god, Erebus, the god of shadow. He was said to be born of the god Chaos. A fitting metaphor in my life if nothing else. He represented the personification of darkness and shadow, which filled in all the corners and crannies of the world. Equally as fitting. Those who know me realise that I am a creature of the sun, but my desire to travel everywhere will hopefully take me off the beaten path, even to some of the bleakest places on Earth (read: North Korea, Antarctica, Alabama).

Erebus eventually courted Nyx (goddess of the underworld) and  gave birth to Hemera (goddess of day), Aether (god of sky), Cer (goddess of death), Oneiroi (god of dreams), as well as Hypnos (god of sleep), Thanatos (god of death), Momus (god of criticism), Nemesis (goddess of revenge), the Hesperides (guardians of the golden apples), and Charon, the ferryman. He was also the father of Geras (god of old age) according to Hyginus (c. AD 1). Some accounts attest that Erebus is the father of the Moirai with Nyx as well. The Moirai are more commonly known as the fates. Think of the funny sisters in Disney’s “Hercules” who cut people’s lifestrings.

Most of these are gods I would have been happy to worship, had I been an ancient Grecian. Particularly Oneiroi and Nemesis. Point is, I plan to travel, not just in the delicious sunlight that I so crave and worship (may as well be an ancient Egyptian and worship Ra while I’m on the topic of ancient gods), but in the shadowy crevices of the world that so many people fear to go. I don’t think you can really truly have experienced wonder and amazement and happiness without experiencing pain and stoicism and it’s only when you experience that sense of wonder and amazement (not just the kind that comes from seeing something new and amazing for the first time) that you can truly realise everything you take for granted (namely a footpath you can walk down without shoes on in the middle of a large city).

So these are my (admittedly intermittent) adventures. I hope you enjoy.

♥ Always