Even if I’m only going to pick someone up or drop them off at the airport, not actually going anywhere myself, I still prefer airports. With my extensive experience of airports and my not quite as extensive experience of weddings I’ve come to the conclusion that people should either get married in airports, or avoid weddings altogether and just go on the honeymoon.

Airports vs Weddings

1. No one gets offended if they aren’t asked to come to the airport, or if they aren’t asked to escort you to the airport. Getting ready to leave for the airport may be stressful, but once you get there it’s all in the hands of Mother Travel. Weddings are stressful for months, with people getting offended that they either weren’t invited, or weren’t asked to be part of the bridal party.

2. Airports are about love. Go sit at the arrivals gate and you will see literally hundreds of teary eyed reunions of happy families and couples who are ecstatic to be together again. Go to departures and you’ll see teary-eyed farewells of families or couples who don’t really want to part. They are wearing their love and emotions on their sleeves. This is really where support is shown for other people. They love those peopel enough to be there for them when they go. And unless people have been traveling together for a significant period of time and not doing it well, you rarely see bickering. Even when I’ve been at my most tempestuous I still haven’t fought with Ivo in airports.

At weddings, you have people such as myself taking bets on how long the happy couple will last (perhaps that is why I’m never invited anymore to weddings), bitter family members who are on their 4th unhappy marriage grumbling and groaning and complaining to anyone who will listen or giving terrible advice about enjoying the honeymoon period while it lasts, jealous friends and people commenting on how so and so’s wedding was better, or at their wedding they’ll do something else because the couple didn’t spend enough or they don’t like the theme or the food or the dress or blah blah blah…

3. At airports, no one embarrasses you. Generally speaking, only a select few people go to the airport to see someone off or to pick them up. No point in bringing a whole army to pick up a friend. So unless the minute you run up to hug someone they let out a massive fart for the entire world to hear, you should be alright on the embarrassment front.

At weddings, there is always going to be that one friend or family member who either dresses extremely inappropriately that you end up having to introduce to your grandmother, or the friend or cousing that no one talks about that gets far too drunk and starts going off the walls. That just doesn’t happen at airports.

Thus, airports are significantly better than weddings and everyone should skip the wedding and head straight for the honeymoon. Plus you have a lot more money to spend on an epic honeymoon with the cost of weddings nowadays. I know in places like where I’m from you can keep the cost down to less than $10,000, but in Sydney they usually cost between $50,000-70,000. That’s just ridiculous and could fund me traveling around the world for years.

My word is law!


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