Our very last briefing of the trip was with the EU Accession Negotiation Team for Turkey. Yes, you read correctly. We got to meet the actual team that is directly involved in negotiations with bringing Turkey into the European Union.

It was interesting to hear their perspective on it. Obviously we went directly to the negotiations room and were briefed about the different criterion for entry into the EU. I always figured it was just basic civil rights that was blocking Turkey’s entry, such as a distinct lack of freedom of speech. Being as Turkey has a very strong and growing economy at the moment one would think that the EU would be glad to bring Turkey in. However, countries such as Greece and France (mainly Greece), have been blocking Turkey’s accession.

Traditionally there has always been a bit of cross-Meditteranean rivalry between the two countries. They don’t really get along all that well for whatever reason. Anyway, the point is that Turkey is having issues getting into the EU, mainly due to the fact that Greece has a beef with them. This being said, with the state of the EU at the moment, does Turkey really want to join now anyway?