So this summer I’ve stupidly decided to take 2 highly intensive summer classes for my law degree. Business organisations (we should all celebrate the fact that I’m still alive, even though my water bottle was molested) and Health law. Needless to say, health law is proving to be infinitely more fascinating and the lecturer appears to be infinitely more pleasant to be stuck in a room with for an entire week. Lucky me, my boyfriend Ivo, happens to be in Melbourne for two weeks doing work. You can see his website here. I decided to fly down on Friday after my Bus orgs exam and spend the better part of the weekend avoiding study and cleaning my house. Methinks it was a good idea.

The trip over was predictably (or unpredictably if you aren’t a fan of Qantas) uneventful. Arrived at the airport, safe and sound to be picked up by my darling, doting *cough* sarcasm *cough* boyfriend. A wonderful drive into Melbourne where Ivo (predictably) got lost despite using the GPS (he took the wrong exit) and we ended up going through about 3 tolls in the space of 3 minutes to get into Melbourne. WTF, Melbourne? WTF? While on this eventful journey I witnessed some very interesting and completely pointless architecture that I assume was placed for decoration… once again Melbourne…WTF? Anyway, we arrived at the hotel shortly thereafter and being as I am pretty sure the only thing I had eaten by this point today (10.30pm) was a tuna sandwich and an apple I was pretty hungry. “Oh, but you are in a large city”, you say. “Surely there will be a kebab shop open? Or a 24 hour family diner?”.

Heaven forbid Melbourne should have such a joint open near the hotel (on a main shopping street which also boasted numerous clubs). Frankly, it is not a very Australian thing to keep things open past 5pm (9pm if you are a restaurant), but luckily we managed to find a cafe that was serving until 11pm. We walked into the cafe at 10.55. ARYN’S HUNGER SATIATION FOR THE WIN! It was actually a nice little cafe on Chapel Street in South Yarra called La Camara. They had a wonderful open air doorway (no windows!) and a beautiful bar that makes me wish I was a bartender at such a place in some backstreet of a little town in Europe where no one speaks English. Then I remembered I’d have to learn to make coffee, and that just doesn’t fly with me.

I decided on one of the specials which was a cajun chicken with spaghetti. I’ll give them an A for effort, a B for yumminess and an F for emulating cajun food. It was good though. One thing I have noticed about Australia, and for some reason I always get my hopes up when I see it, is that they are completely incapable of Mexican or Cajun food. If you are an American or a Mexican craving Mexican food in Australia, DON’T DO IT! Seriously, don’t bother. It’s terrible and rancid. Get Thai food instead. Equally as delicious in its own special way.

After I was sufficiently full we headed back to the hotel where, shock surprise, Ivo passed out!

As I still have study I have to do for tomorrow I shall leave the rest of the Melbourne trip for later.

♥ Always